About Diba Energy Pegah Company

About Diba Energy Pegah Company

  General Introduction

  • Diba Energy Pegah was established in 2010 with the purpose of aviation and industrial engine parts and components repair & refurbishment, as well as design & manufacturing. This essential movement is in such a way to meet the technical requirements governing the Aero engines parts performance after refurbishment or manufacture & support customer requirements as per Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) documents and procedures.
• This activity is programmed, written (as process orders) and performed by the experienced engineers and instructions.

 Our Company
 DIBA ENERGY Pegah Co. has been organized by the most experienced Iranian specialist who has worked in Aero & industrial   Engine over 30 years.

 They have expertise in:

        • Aero & industrial engine repair and overhaul. • Part refurbishment for Aero & industrial engine. • Supply Chain Management in Aero-Engine as well as industrial Gas Turbine. • Analyzing & Designing of Engine parts. • Documentation system before and during the work steps.

diba energy

Future Vision

     • A company in private sector with minimum Bureaucracy which can manage developing of Aero-Engine as well as Gas Turbine technology.

     • Management on maintenance development, supply chain and engineering knowledge in order to solve the upgrading issues of civil engine fleets.

     • Progressive in design, manufacturing capabilities in Aero- Engine as well as Gas Turbine.

 Diba Energy Pegah Co. Strategic Goals

  • Utilization of almost 50 years experiences at the country in the field of Aero-engine.

  • Utilization of the key experts in the country with low labor cost in Aero-engine field.
  • Utilization of the facilities with advanced machineries and expertise .
  • Creation of the missing rings in the process organization.

Diba Energy Pegah Co. Executive Goals

  •Creation of a reputed approved refurbishment center for different types of the engine parts.
  •Creation of a PMA center for engine part design & manufacturing with Supply chain management.
  •Creation of a two sides business for export/import of parts and services with the other companies.
  •Creation of a two sides relationship for dealing the design knowledge and technology with the other centers in Aero-engine field as well as industrial.
  •Marketing in the territory of inside and outside of Iran.